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Help Wanted!

Do you want to get more involved with Wiley? Help the PTA!

Sign up to help with, or Chair an event this 2018-2019 school year!


Events still needing a chair person:

PTA Membership - Thank you Jessica Queral!

Dominos Pizza - Thank you Rosanna Kerr!

Box Tops - Thank you Rosanna Kerr!

Skate night - Thank you Claire Wakeman!

Reflections - Thank You Jennifer Godfrey & Jessica Whitehead!

e-Script - Thank You Jessica Queral!

Yearbook- Thank you Lynette Fransen!

Donuts with Dad - Thank you Bethany Kautzky!

Fall book fair - Thank you Anu Kovarikova!

 Monster Game night - Thank you PTA!

Glow run- Thank you PTA board!

Movie nights - Thank you Liz Steiner!

Penny Wars - Thank you Bree Jackson and Kacie Rackleff!

 Winterfest - Thank you Jodie Kleingartner!

Silent Auction - Thank you Kristi Flieger!

Holiday shop - Thank you Kim Rogers and Stephanie Tefft


Family Sock Hop - Thank you Wendi Cummings!

Bingo night - Thank you Toni O'Connor & Joanna Huskey!

Food Drive - Lindsay Lopez

Leprechaun Dash - Thank you Bree Jackson!

Talent show - Thank you Mrs. Gibson!

Muffins with Mom - Kim Rogers and Jodie Kleingartner

Spring book fair - Thank you Joanna Huskey!

Celebrate the Arts - Thank you Liz Steiner and Heather Meyer!

Teacher appreciation - Thank you Wendi Cummings!

5th grade graduation - Thank you Stacie Lake!

Field day - Thank you PTA board!


To sign up as a Chairperson or to volunteer for an event, email President@WileyPTA.com

Remember, events have sadly been cancelled in the past due to not having enough volunteers. Let's make Wiley a fun place to learn. Our kids deserve it!


 RSD Volunteer Application



Executive Board Members

Co-Presidents - Kristi Flieger and Kim Rogers

Co-Vice Presidents - Adena Servias and Bree Jackson

Secretary - Denise McInturff

Treasurer - Kavita Patel-Stenoien



Questions, comments, Ideas?  Please email President@Wileypta.com

Thank You Domino's

Thank you Domino's on Kennedy Road for hosting our Wiley PTA Pizza Nights and for donating 20% to our PTA!!!

Thank You Yoke's

Thank you Wiley families and Yoke's for participating it the eScript program. Don't forget to use your eScript card when you shop at Yoke's!



Box Tops Colection 6/3-6/7

Field Day 6/12

Last Day of school 6/14



Feel Free to Donate Through Pay Pal Any Time to Support Our School and Our Kids



To view or print the 2018-2019 Standing Rules click here


To get a Current 2018-2019 Membership Form go here.


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