The Wiley PTA was first established in 2010. Before there was a PTA at the school there was a PTO, so many people ask what is the difference, and what are the benefits. As a PTA we are part of a larger group of associations that can be found not only in other schools nearby, but across the nation. We are able to access resources from these groups, and can turn to other PTAs to ask for advise, guidance, or just to brainstorm ideas. As part of the larger group we can participate in national events, like the Reflections program, and we can help out in national scholarship programs simply by recognizing outstanding volunteers and educators. We have at our fingertips hundreds upon thousands of individuals who have literally "been there, done that" and are ready and willing to help at a moments notice.

Wiley PTA 2018-2019 Executive Committee




Kristi Flieger and

Kim Rogers

Co-Vice Presidents

Adena Servias

Bree Jackson


Denise McInturff


Kavita Patel-Stenoien







To find out more about the National PTA go to their website

To find out more about the State PTA go to their website