Unfortunately fundraisers are necessary, especially in an organization that focuses on providing our school with the extras they couldn't otherwise afford. Through the PTA's help and support, Wiley was able to purchase a kiln for the art room, another set of hand chimes for the music room, and several computers for the school's new C.O.W. (computer on wheels) as well as replacing computers in the computer lab. We were able to help with field trips, buy equipment for the playground, and provide the financial support needed to put on the Science Fair. We enabled teachers to purchase more supplies for their classrooms, and funded the library in their quest to always have more and more books available to our students. Beyond just paying for PTA funded activities, such as Fall Family Fun Night and Field Day, the PTA and its funds are in every classroom every day making a difference. We cannot do that without you, and without our fundraisers.



The Jog-A-Thon is our biggest fundraiser. To find out specific information about how the jog-a-thon works, specific dates for this year, and contact info, go to the Jog-A-Thon dedicated page.

Fun Family Events

Many of our favorite fundraisers allow families to spend time having fun with their loved ones while earning money for our school. These include our Skate Parties, Pizza Nights, and Movie Nights. Click on Family Fun Fundraisers to find out more about each of these.


Spring Fundraiser


For the Spring Fundraiser we will be doing a "Celebrating the Arts" evening at Wiley Elementary. All of the student will have art displayed throughout the school, as well as having music students performing throughout the evening. In coordination with this event, the students' family and friends will have an opportunity to buy items with the students' artwork printed on it.


We are in need of many, many volunteers to help with this event. Whether you want to help hang artwork, put together basket, or just have input into how to make everything work, please let us know by emailing .


Free Fundraisers

Some fundraisers allow you to earn money for your school just by doing the things you do everyday. Programs such as Box Tops and eScrip allow you to use the items you are already buying to give back to your school. Click on Free Fundraisers to find out more about these.