Family Glow run Our biggest fundraiser of the year, this is an important piece of the PTA puzzle. This fundraiser allows us to do so much inside the school and for the students of Wiley Elementary. This fundraiser represents nearly half our annual income, so it is important that everyone participate. If all of the students come back with just $30 in donations, we will not only meet, but will exceed our goals for the fundraiser.


***Thank you for making the 2018 Family Glow run a HUGE success!!! With your help, we made $20,762.36 for our school!!!***

$10 Tickets

What are these and how do they work?

The $10 tickets are a way for you to tell us all through the process about the money you have raised. Every time you earn another $10, fill out and bring in a ticket. The ticket gets you in the drawing for that and all the upcoming Wednesdays.



Please do not turn these in inside the packets. They may be missed!

Do You Know Someone Who Owns A Business?

Maybe they would like to sponsor us!

Print off this Merchant Letter and ask them. If they say yes, have them fill out the donation sheet and make a copy.

Donate Using PayPal

Be sure to include the student's and teacher's names in the notes before completing the donation.

Donate Here:


For More Information Click on these Flyers:

Pledge Envelope Information