Free Fundraisers?

It doesn't seem logical, but some fundraisers don't need you to do anything other than take a few seconds out of your normal routine. Fundraisers, such as Box Tops and eScrip, are actually free fundraisers that can bring thousands of dollars into our school.


EScrip is a program that gives money to the Wiley PTA based on how much you spend at participating businesses. For example, every time I shop at Yoke's I hand them my eScrip card, and automatically a percentage of that purchase is now going to the Wiley PTA. Anyone can get a card, so have everyone you know sign up. They don't have to be PTA members. You can even choose to have your donation split between more than one group, so if you already use one, simply add Wiley PTA as a recipient.  More questions? Visit their website at .

Box Tops

Box Tops can be found on lots of common food and other household items that you buy everyday. Simply look for the box top before throwing items away, and store them up. You can send them to school anytime, or wait until a schoolwide push. Just be sure to trim the labels and send them in an envelope with your child's name and teacher's name. The Box Top chairperson will gather these up, trim them up, count them, and send them off.  Last year we earned $1933.40. For more information go to