I want to be involved, what can I do?

Become a member

One of the easiest ways to become involved is to simply become a member. By becoming a member you are contributing in two ways. First, the dues that you pay will go into the PTA funds which go directly towards paying for school events, supporting the teachers, and purchasing equipment for the school. Second, you connect yourself to the PTA, allowing us to keep you informed of all the amazing things taking place at the school, and all the opportunities to get involved. Anyone who wants to be involved can join, not just parents, so encourage those in your family who would also like to become members to join us!


Chair a Committee

If you have more time on your hands, or you just like the satisfaction of creating something from start to finish, with lots of help of course, you may want to consider Chairing a Committee. Look through the Chair positions and see what appeals to you. If it is filled, still send an email. The current chair may love a co-chair, or they may be looking for someone for next year whom they can start training now.



Many events throughout the year need helping hands. If you can commit to a day, an hour, or whatever works for you, we would be glad for the help. Check out the areas where help is needed, and send us an email.


Become a Member

It's easy to join. 

Simply follow the steps below to become the newest member of the Wiley PTA.


1.  Click here to Print the Membership form

2.  Place completed form and check payable to "Wiley PTA" in an envelope marked Wiley PTA

3.  Send envelope to school with your child or drop it off in the Wiley Office.


If you would like additional membership information please contact the membership chairperson via email at membership@wileypta.com.